All Saints Sales

Selected le 23 December 2010 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

All Saints sales are starting today with up to 50% off on their whole collection. Every one knows their stores atmosphere which is quite dark, and at the same time halfway between modern and vintage. We could define their collection the same words. Old school bicolor Oxfords, modern dark indigo denim which we could match with a lightblue chambray shirt. Add these an aged leather belt and a fair isle cardigan, now you’re an All Saints icon :)

Shoes £101.50 (was £145) from All Saints
Indigo Jeans £59.50 (was £85) from All Saints
Chambray Shirt £52.50 (was £75) from All Saints
Fair Isle Cardigan £40 (was £80) from All Saints
Belt Was £28 (was £40) from All Saints

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