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Aldo shoes’ story is all about family. Since many generations they are in the shoes business. From the great grandfather, who was already holding some shoes stores for manufaturing and repairing as well. Soon the store became a chain called “Le pied mignon”, and then we arrived the Aldo Bensadoun. The great grandson took the business, creating its own brand called Aldo. He based it on all this heritage, learning how to make shoes properly. Such a knowledge allowed Aldo to create pieces by hand, in a traditional way and on a small scale, to give its customers timeless and quality products.

Mr B’s shoes are handcrafted in a small village called Brenta, Italy. Craftsman give the shoes a certain personality, leaving marks of imperfection on its creations. That is why they are beautiful. Halfway between contemporary and tradition, Mr B’s are highly influenced by classic English shoes. From the loafer to the hand-finished detailing of a brogue oxford, products are all made of premium leather to give us by the end some sturdy and comfortable shoes.

Among the pieces from their autumn-winter 2011 collection I have been appealed by this pair of brogue boots called Blake. They come in a natural-dyed handmade finished leather, available in blue, cognac, dark brown and grey. They are shaped like a classical English brogue boot that you can easily match with your favourite pair of jeans. My marked preference goes for the “cognac” one, very classical but never tasteless. To finish, notice that the sole is Blake welted, as it name suggests, proof of a simple and solid construction. Actually, their price seems reasonable after telling all this story.

$175/ from Aldoshoes

prix conseillé   £115

sur Aldoshoes

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