Aesop Facial Hydrating Serum

Cosmetics le 19 September 2013 par Joe the "tire-remover"

The first time I have tested something from Aesop was two years ago with this anti-oxidant serum. The more I test Aesop products, the more I like this brand, and apparently, I’m not the only one. In the early days of August, I came across one of their new shop while walking in Paris. This was an occasion to realise that I was far to have all of their products tested! It looks like their range has hundreds of different products. Anyway, let’s focus on a precise product today: the Oil Free facial hydrating serum I’ve been using all summer long.



Just a reminder: Aesop is an Australian brand created in 1987 in Melbourne. They offer facial, hair and body skincare products all made of plants chosen for their anti oxdydant properties (antipollution, anti-smoking, anti-fatigue and anti-stress action). Products are all presented into some laboratory-like glass bottles, which can be confusing the first time you see them, but prove to be very useful thanks to the pipette and the light gel texture allowing to dose precisely the quantities.

User manual

A serum has to be applied in the morning and evening on a cleaned skin and before a moisturizer. It is more expensive as more concentrated in active ingredients. It’ll allow hydrating the skin better when it its required (exposure to sun, wind, cold, etc.) and help getting a better-looking skin (all the same, don’t forget to sleep and have regular physical activity). An hydrating serum, this is like the “Turbo boost” fuction of a trucker’s washbag!



This serum from Aesop has 3 essential ingredients: Aloe Vera (well-known for its moisturizing properties), Ylang Ylang (a South-West Asia flower extract awakening tired skins) and Panthenol (impoving the skin hydration). The care releases a delicate herbaceous perfume, the kind that carries you out in the sticks early in the morning. It has a oil free texture adapted to all skin types, then it is quickly absorbed. Use your basic moisturizer next, then you’ll be smiling again with a softer and more supple skin!



This serum reflects the whole Aesop line: sober, soft and efficient. Like any serum, it is expensive (€51) but has enought capacity to “turbo boost” your skin for many weeks (unless you’re clumsy and spill your bottle)! To give you an idea, I’ve been using it for 2 month and the bottle is more than half-filled. Here is something perfect to face the firsts autumn breezes serenely.

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