Adidas Stan Smith : Story of a fashion icon

The emblematic Stan Smith from Adidas is probably one of the most famous model all over the world. Mainly recognizable with some uncluttered lines, a compact shape and its perforated three stripes, the shoe has been sold in around 40 millions copies since its creation.

The first version is dated from the early 60’s. At this moment, Adidas only was into sports thanks to its football boots. In a time when tennis was still an amateur sport, the brand trusts a French player called Robert Haillet to develop a model. He conceives the first pair of tennis shoes made in leather (former ones were only canvas made). Leather is directly sewed to the sole which guarantees sturdiness and stability. Soles are rubber made, vatilation is improved thanks to side perforations and the protection system keeps the Achilles’ heel safe. Actually, the model started to invade tennis courts in 1964.

The legend is born in the 70’s, when Adidas sets up a partnership with the best tennis player of the period : Stan Smith. From 1971 to 1974, both names were featuring the sneakers until the American’s gains the upper hand thanks to his certain fame.

From the 80’s, the Stan Smith enjoys a great succes on the courts and on the streets. A new version comes with velcro fastenings, very popular from Hip-Hop groups. From movies to songs, the model will become famous for its whiteness and its affordable price.

Nowadays, even if few persons knows about the player (who’s still earning half of its incomes thanks to the sneakers), the “Stan Smith” has become a real icon. Declined in multiple shapes and colorways, and sometimes customized, purists would always prefer the original version (with the green heel). It matches any styles : shorts, jeans, t-shirts, polos… simple, comfortable, timeless, the “Stan Smith” will stay with us for years and years.

Adidas Stan Smith : £57 from Size?

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