Adidas Profi OG size? exclusive

A month ago we tested the Profi OG from Adidas, basketball shoes they released in 1969 (promised I won’t tell the whole story again). For sure, this is one of the most exciting reissue Adidas has offered us for years. Those clean lines, perforated upper, they are just perfect. Along with many other, the model caught our eye this season (though I’m also fond of the Greenstar). Apparently Size? is on the same wave-length, they revisited the Profi OG their own way for an exclusive limited edition:


Basically, they changed few details of the shoe: crumpled three stripes become straight lines, simple eyelets become hiking style lacing with matching laces, perforations on the upper are gone, and icing on the cake, the heel tab is camo patterned. The original version was beautiful, Size? gives us here a magnificent tan colored version of this lovely sneaker. As a Christmas gift or for your own, act quick before your size sells out!


prix conseillé   £70

sur Size?


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