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Selected le 2 March 2008 par Joe the "tire-remover"

Ok, I’ve made my mind up: this spring I’m changing my trainers! My favourite Stan Smiths don’t look so hot anymore: the leather is scratched everywhere and the toe is about to give up the ghost. -More cheap manufacturing. Ok, ok, I’ve had them for about 2 and a half years, and I’ve not exactly treated them kindly either…

Despite this minor setback, I still like the brand with the 3 stripes, so I started my research there. As I suggest in my article on cheap clothes on our French version, I went to Yoox to ckeck at out of stock/surplus stuff.

adidas grand prix

In the the former category I found low-tops “Grand prix” in a black version. Unfortunately, I can completely forget about them; there aren’t any in my size! But there might be some styles that you like in your size…
Operation “spring trainers”: part 1. To be continued.

prix conseillé   €59

sur YOOX

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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  • Ma Petite Chou

    Good luck on your hunt! So far your choices have been excellent.

    By the way, dear, can you please update my blog's link on your side bar? I just moved to a new address, it is Thanks very much!!

  • Wedding Photographer

    Love my trainers, usually I wear them until they fall off my feet!

  • national logistics

    I agree with the above comment. My trainers fall apart while I am still in them.