Adidas Gazelle: Multilifestyle icon

Fashion le 20 June 2012 par Adel as "the fireman"

Let me introduce you today one of the freshest Adidas sneakers. Launched 40 years ago in the market, these sneakers have first gone through different stages before reaching the expected iconic status: sports, skateboard, hip-hop, then fashion. What we are dealing with today is the real story of the classic Adidas Gazelle.

In 1968 Adidas launched the Gazelle model without a definite positioning. Back in the days the company only wanted to create a pair of sneakers that embraced many sports thus reflecting an idea of an athletic lifestyle. We could already sense that this idea of a lifestyle will later be more developped by the company.

The gazelle is a slim and small wild animal that combine speed and grace together. This was the main pitch made by Adidas. Simply designed with suede, the Gazelle features three large stripes on their side and a rubber-made sole. With years, the Gazelle became available in many ranges : The Indoor model featured a special sole made for indoor sports, The Gazelle 2 is a thinner and more fashionable than the original Gazelle sneakers.

Progressively, Adidas started to produce sneakers in many color ranges. In the 80’s, the Gazelle slowly became worn in other purposes than sports. Back then, the Gazelle was very popular amongst soccer fans because each color represented a soccer team allowing them to express their preferences.

In the mid 90’s, after a short blank, the Gazelle became embodied by stadium rock bands helping the brand to reach a huge mainstream popularity. Everybody knows these music bands such as Limp Bizkit, Oasis, or even Jamiroquai who wore them many times in his music videos and different commercials he did. Consequently, the Gazelle reached maturity becoming a multi lifestyle icon used for dressed up night outs and casual days at home.

10 years later, in the Pop era of sneakers culture, the Adidas Gazelle has become a classic pair of shoes to own. They are now available in Adidas skateboarding range with pro models, also in vintage, and Indoor versions. Although some collectors have them in all the colors available in the market, most people like to wear them for its casual style and timeless design: Classic shoes to stick with!  Here below I did a cool mashup of the Gazelle shoes from the past years =)

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