Adidas Basketball Profi OG

Adidas released the Basketball Profi OG in 1969, during the same year of the Superstar which clearly gained the upper hand. Whether you like it or not, it may be difficult to contend with one of the most successful shoe in Adidas history. Yet the Profi OG bought some meaningful features (in a lower scale) like being the first basketball shoe made of suede instead of canvas. It also introduced an external vulcanized rubber sole bringing comfort, flexibility and grip on basketball courts.

For autumn-winter 2012 Adidas reissues its Profi “OG” in the “Originals” line. Three beautiful colorways are released: blue, yellow and red, this latter took my fancy. I shoud have wait so much time before wearing them, impatiently, keeping them unworn in in their box so they could be clean for a photo series (the one in the Parisian underground called “3 minutes flat“). That was it, shooting was done so I could make up for lost time, for all these days I had to leave them in my closet. Actually I wear them all days.

I like their vintage style: the color palette, the iconic three stripes ith their lovely finish, the perforated upper and different color yokes from the heel. They are comfortable, I can walk a whole day without my feet insulting me. Last thing, I have taken my usual size. Tested and Approved!

prix conseillé   £67

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