Adidas Airline Bag

Here is a reproduction of the original Adidas airline bag with the famous leaf printed logo. Adidas has highly revisited its classic bag, releasing it in many colors and fabrics and always in two constrasting tones. Either in cotton or polyurethane, this bag always give your outfit something vintage. Available in brown, green, grey purple and white. Merasurements: 37 x 28 x 13 cms.

£34.99 from Size?

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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  • Irene Gorsden

    No longer available from Adidas shop on-line. Very disappointing!

  • Joe the "tire-r

    @Irene: arf… perhaps you can try again later because the Adidas website is currently offline for maintenance

  • scott

    i really want 1 but cant find it anywhere. they aint sellin it on adidas website or footaslyum. i dunno where else to look p.s. do they sell in shop still

  • chantel

    this is a well good price i think that they should all be this price because they are more affordable for people and more people are wanting this bag!

    definitrly going to buy one wen i get the money because i am still at school so have to save up!!! keep them this cheap please!!!