French Truckers is a collective weblog about Men’s Fashion with a daily selection of article picked on the web. It’s the English version of the famous French website “Comme un camion” (“Like a truck”) coming from the French expression “to be handsome as a truck”. French Truckers catches attentions of 50,000 single visitors per month (350,000 for the French Version). Contact us for furthers informations!
This website is written by French guys ‘Joe the Tire-remover’, ‘Romano the Garagerocker’, ‘Tony the Cement Maker’  and ‘Max as th Driver’. French Truckers is a mix between a shopping blog and an urban magazine for men.


Joe was born in the South-West of France but he grew up in the Parisian suburbs where he learned some swear words and to run fast… He did his studies in Toulouse and then started working for a French internet start-up in Paris. In October 2004, on evening, wearing pajamas, he started “Comme Un Camion”. Convinced that he has more than two readers, in 2008, he fully works on this website. He now lives in Brittany, where he drinks beers, balances on rocks and runs (a little bit slower) on the beach. Take a look at his last articles and his profile on Facebook and Google+.


Romano was born in the South of France in Marseille where he also grew up. He did a part of his studies in London and then started working for French Truckers in 2010, of which he is now in charge. Take a look at his last articles and his profile on Facebook.


Tony was born in Normandie (North-West of France), he grew up between puddles of waste grounds, chasing girls and balloons. He did his studies in Paris, and started working for ‘Comme Un Camion’ in 2007. While he imposed his style, he is in charge of the communication of the site. Take a look at his last articles and his profile on Facebook.


Max was born in Brittany (North-West of France), he lived a few years in Paris and came back to Brittany where he works on partnerships for the website. Take a look at his last articles and his profile on Facebook.

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