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A piece of chic is the name of a brand from Lyon created in 2011. A nice project I have discovered last December with few pictures of their silk scarves. I could meet the creator Sébastien Chirpaz in a Parisian bistrot since then, the brand was at its very beginning. Their collection has now arrived and I’m warning you now: you shall love it!

a piece of chic silk scarf

A matter OF STYLE

A Piece of Chic pays a tribute to the years 40, 50 and 60 with a lightweight scarf you don’t wrap grossly, but tie it up with elegance. The prints were created by Stéphanie Carrion, a designer from Lyon, in a vintage spirit though avoiding the ever vintage cliché. Sébastien and Stéphanie inspire from their passion for cars, design, fashion, music, movies and art. Models are unisex and proposed in various colorways.

a piece of chic denim shirt

Lyon, the silk capital

Creating silk scarves in the area around Lyon was evident to Sébastien. The city is the capital of silk since the Renaissance. From preparing the silk, through producing the scarves to putting them into boxes, the whole processes are made by companies from the Rhône region. In all, this represents 80% of the product’s retail price

a piece of chic cafe race


Into their second collection, A piece of Chic propose 3 sizes: a 50x50cm square, a 70x70m square and a 140x15cm tube-shaped scarf to wear around the neck, the waist or the head for the women. Amongst all available style is the “Cafe Race” in tribute to gentlemen racers from the 1960s. The brand also released its version of the famous Bandana, quite a fashion icon… A Piece of Chic their permanent collection few collaborations and limited editions like the “Blitz Bolt” designed for Blitz Motorcycles

a piece of chic  lightweight scarf

I want mine

Few shops have their nice scarves since few weeks and they are all available on the brand’s online store. The 50x50cm square is sold for €65, the 70x70cm and the scarf for €89. Please, don’t even dare saying “this or this brand have cheaper products, A Piece of Chic addresses to those who “quality” and “made in France” words have a real meaning. More info at www.a-piece-of-chic.com

a piece of chic  lightweight scarf

a piece of chic cafe race

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    Love them! Like you said: I WANT MINE

  • Susan

    I've visited the website of A Piece Of Chic and they have a nice and interesting collection of scarves I must say. I'm thinking about getting my father-in-law one since he's a France lover and I'm also thinking about getting one myself.