A nice Waistcoat

The waistcoat never leaves people indifferent. Some would think it’s ugly, some it is too much and some other will think it’s a must-have. The most difficult with waistcoats is to wear it with taste, which could give an awesome render. The most informed would recommend wearing it with rigid-collar shirts only. Many people like waiscoats as a fashion item and see it like a ostentatious sign of elegance, but still can’t pass the purchasing hurdle.

three pieces suit
A good waistcoat gathers different elements:
– To be the appropritate size (needless to say)
– To be in the same color and fabric than your suit (or maybe you handle the color palette like a king)
– The first button should jut out from the jacket (the buttonhole area should be longer than the jacket’s one. Ex : 2buttons jacket + 3 buttons waistcoat).
– It should always remain closed, whether you keep your jacket open or not.

tarocash waistcoat

From then, I have found cool mens waistcoats from the Australian brand Tarocash meeting all the requirements for a perfect casual piece : nice fabric, nice cut, nice details and various available colorways for an affordable price. More info at http://www.tarocash.com.au/

prix conseillé   €70

sur Tarocash


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