A Child Of The Jago Jacket

Preppy items are under the spotlight this season as for the upcomming one. This blazer couldn’t be more preppy. It comes from A Child Of The Jago, a british brand we talked about before. They are really “fashionally” committed against mainstream fashion. Then, their clothes perfectly reflect this struggle.

Not only is this jacket inevitably handmade, but it is also quirky, as any preppy item. It’s 100% wool made and features a 2 buttons fastening with cool contrasting navy trims. As in the t-shirt we previously introduced to you, the mention “terrorist”, soberly written, emphasizes the brand position. Nevertheless, be careful at the moment of matching your jacket because its excentric style could easily turn your outfit into something tawdry. I’d recommend a white shirt with some grey cords trousers or raw denim, or… it’s up to you!

a child of the jago front

a child of the jago buttons

a child of the jago back

a child of the jago terrorist

a child of the jago stiching

prix conseillé   £465

sur A Child of the Jago

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