A back to school look

Selections le 6 September 2013 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Building a back-to-school/work look is no simple thing. According to your job type, to how it requires to dress, the task is even harder considering the fact that, September is still summer! Various question can come then: wearing shorts at high school, at the university? Out of question! Trying to avoid wearing a shirt at work? Not even conceivable to me. Thinking about a shirt without a tie? Summer isn’t synonymous with “casual Friday”. So, to answer so much questions, we wished to give a hint of inspiration to those who planned to get a 2013 back-to-work outfit. In general, outfit styles can be sorted into 3 categories: the student, the casual worker and the business worker.

The student

“Cool, this is back-to-school!” New teachers, new classmates (or not.) and new sneakers! This is clearly an essential! September is a Summer month, so don’t go for leather as it would keep your feets too warm, while filling your identity card the new history teacher asked (on a quarter sheet!). Shorts? You wouldn’t dare this affront! On the first day going back to school, better not get youself noticed, just wear pants; grey stretch jeans or colored chinos for example. For the top, just pick your favorite plain t-shirt, a better option compared to provocative graphic t-shirts – well, yes, you can leave your “I love to suck ice creams” in your closet (take a denim jacket in case of fresh weather). Finally, this period of the year can be a pretext to offer yourself a new watch, be caferul to switch off the “beep” ringing each hour.

student back to school outfit

Denim jacket: Cheap Monday
T-shirt: Shore Leave
Jeans: Topman
Sneakers: Vans
Watch: Casio
Back: Drifter

The casual worker

Your job does not require to wear a suit? You can enjoy the ample opportunity to dress with your favourite outfit for these back-to-work times. Stay elegant though. As a souvenir of your student years, get some new shoes: desert boots, versatile, or a pair of derbies to take a more elegant option. For that matter, go for smart chinos or suit trousers you could wear separated. Jeans can be another a choice, but avoid too much faded or torn models, rather bet on raw, dark grey or black colors. Regarding tops, consider nothing but a shirt (long-sleeved please!). Add some fun with a sober print, or opt for some more classic light blue button-down Oxford shirt. A blazer, if necessary, can be added. Don’t worry if the weather is too hot, just wear it when showing up in the morging and take it off 15 minutes later.

casual back to work  outfit

Jacket: Ben Sherman
shirt: Lee
Jeans: Balibaris
Shoes: Clarks
Belt: ASOS
Bag: Bleu de Chauffe

The business worker

You have no choice but wearing asuit every working day? So do it elegantly. Don’t take any risk with the color palette and play it classic. No pink shirt, no quirky shirt/tie mix, no short-sleeved shirt under your suit jacket, no boat shoes, complusory tie wearing… classic we’ve said! A navy suit, a pair of tan Oxford shoes (more adapted to summer than dark brown) and a nice leather bag allowing some color eccentricity.

business back to work outfit

Jacket: Balibaris
Trousers: Balibaris
Shirt: Saint Sens
Shoes: Marvin & Co
Tie: The House of Ties
Bag: Estime

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