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Matières à réflexion

the 28 October 2014 by

Matières à réflexion presents a selection of edgy independent designers such as Anniel, Le Plagiste, Atelier do Sapato, Pointer (Men’s shoes), Stetson, Karakoram, Jo Gordon, Lala Berlin (Men’s hats, gloves, scarves), Orner, Mathias Chaize, Adeline Cacheux, Qualis Artifex, Moonstruck, Louise Hendricks (Men’s jewellery), Bérangère Claire, NCS, Thvm Atelier (Men’s clothing) Spitfire (Sungless and headphones) and it… Read more

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Hoon Paris Jewellery

the 15 September 2011 by Joe the "tire-remover"

Just as bags, scarves and other accessories are no longer the exclusive preserve of the ladies. Even cosmetics have highly started to become more accessible to men, jewellery is no different. Indeed, more than ever this season, the street is inspiring fashion and vice versa, undeniably so; just like when Louis Vuitton and Pharrell collaborate,… Read more

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Sweetman patent leather belt

the 4 July 2008 by Joe the "tire-remover"

Mike Sweetman is a Parisian designer which I had mentioned last year in an interview (in French). He has since opened a new shop at 24 Boulevard Raspail, dedicated to shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories. In his accessories range he usually has some stylish belts including a few snakeskin ones. But today I’m looking at… Read more

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All watches bright and beautiful

the 6 May 2008 by Junior the “conker”

For many, watches are the best way for men to wear jewellery. Definitely a much better way than a bracelet, chain or pendant, signet ring or leather wristband. However, choosing a nice watch is not the easiest of tasks. The range of products available is very wide, and this is a purchase that must be… Read more

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Ikken Jewellery

the 27 February 2008 by Joe the "tire-remover"

It’s been a while since I spoke about jewellery (or galleries or scullduggery… hmm…), then I discovered the Ikken collection. Loving their work! Recently released by Baptiste Bataille, who trained as a stylist, this brand marries western culture with traditional crafts of the Sahel. African art inspired the collection’s refined design, with curves shaped like… Read more

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Sigomonta gold ring

the 25 June 2007 by Joe the "tire-remover"

This is a little nod to MensSana who thought that the leather bracelet wasn’t expensive enough ;) Here’s a very beautiful ring, in yellow or white gold, set with a 9.3-carat black spinel (a gemstone used in jewellery). The rings in the XL Collection are individually made in the Sigomonta, workshops, in Budapest. Outstanding, aren’t… Read more

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