The driver’s lair

Looks le 20 October 2014 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Abandoned places have something special. The ravages of time, traces of people’s visit, decrepit walls… like if nature was the ultimate authority. This kind of place is often a meeting point where people show their art. For an afternoon, I have made this old pea cannery my lair. Better indentifying yourself before entering here, the place is whole mine and be aware that you are not welcome at all. Broom in hand, I’m ready to protect my territory to death. Of course, I’ll make an exception for you guys… please come on in!

not welcome

crappy car

mad max

selected indigo sweatshirt

man hip hop move

angry man

click watch brown cognac

menswear look casual

nike lunar internationalist

strong man graffity

Sweatshirt: Selected
Trousers: Dr Denim
Belt: Asos
Sneakers: Nike
Sunglasses: Electric
Watch: Click watch
Femme africaine recherche homme belgique

The Ferris Wheel

Last year Marseille’s most famous place called Vieux-Port was rebuilt to leave some more space to pedestrians. Traffic lanes became narrower and the old esplanade was replaced by a wider one with a “mirror” sun shelter under which people come to take photos, and I am one of them! Going for a walk at the Vieux Port is always a delight. By the end of the day, the sun slowly sets on the city and the rays shine through the boat’s masts, creating a warm athmosphere on the colorful facades of the quays. I like to sit on a cafe’s terrace at this moment of the day to enjoy this magnifiscent view (quite common over here).












Jacket: Scotch & Soda
T-shirt : Commune de Paris
Jeans: Nudie
Sneakers: New Balance
Sunglasses: Carhartt
Watch: Fossil

The mayor

Looks le 3 October 2014 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Last year, I told you about my dreams of running for presidency during a walk in the Jardins du Palais du Luxembour, Paris. Time went on, and as you noticed, I wasn’t elected. Maybe I was overambitious, so this time I’m candidate for the mayoral race! New challenge, new suit, new start in my beloved homeland Brittany. Voters, I fully appreciate the workload to increase our fellow citizen’s level of elegancy. We must strive together for this purpose and I invite you to endorse my candidacy for mayorship. Long live France, autumn and flowers!

01 menswear suit style

02 red chambay tie

03 royal blue suit men

04 loake oxford shoes

05 picturesque path brittany

06 men fashion blue suit

07 max as the driver frenchtruckers

08 flowers spring men fashion

SuitDe Fursac
Shirt Maison de la chemise
Tie Cavalier Bleu
Belt The Belt Factory
Shoes Loake
Socks Happy Socks

Coffee Break

In a full day of work, this moment after lunch is very special. Most of the time, I like to relax with a cup of coffee, to empty my mind and stop debriefing all work-related event with my colleagues to talk about some more trivial topics. Then I usually read a magazine, smoke a cigarette and isolate myself to enjoy the silence; rare thing in a turbulent morning of hard work. Here is the story of a basic “lunch break” during which I took some pressure off and recharged my batteries. Let’s get back to work now!

carte cafe kulte

prince of wales tie

touche de menton

reading magazine men

lip himalaya watch

sante jus orange

kulte illustrations

romano selfie cafe

menswear casual look

double romano

Jacket Topman
Shirt Topman
Jeans Uniqlo
Shoes Mark McNairy
Tie Topman
Belt Topman
Watch LIP

Photos by Fainst des Ziris, find Romano on Instagram

Abbot Kinney, Venice, LA

Looks le 29 September 2014 par Tony the “Cement maker“

I have spent few days in Los Angeles last month. There we could enjoy California’s beautiful daylight to shoot some looks. For this first series of photos, we went for a walk in Venice. You must know this place for its famous beach and many hours spent playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater on Playstation. But we weren’t on the beach this day, we prefered going around Abbot Kinney. A street named after this man who created the Venice canals. Actually, he was a developper who undertook a recreation of Venice, Italy at the beginning of the 20th century in LA and called it Venice of America. I’ll be your guide for the afternoon ;)

sunshing in LA

levis vintage trucker

traffic lights la california

old american car

men style LA

marc by marc jacobs watch

abbot kinney LA visit

men look denim jacket

menswear fashion style

abbot kinney visit la

men style sunglasses

Denim Jacket Levis
Sweater ASOS
Shirt ASOS
Trousers Camo
Shoes Ben Sherman
Sunglasses Jeepers Peepers
Watch Marc By Marc Jacobs
Photos by Frederic Dith. Follow Tony on Instagram

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