686 x Levis Winterjacket

Selected le 5 October 2010 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

As everyone knows about Levi’s, let’s skip the description. Regarding 686, it’s a Califonian snowboardwear manufacturer, which guarantees you the relative coolness of their products. And you can check this out here, with a particularly well made collab. The jacket is actually made of “poly twill denim” (15,000mm waterproof ) for and outerwear/winter sports use. As we can notice it, the jacket reminds a bit of a classic Levi’s trucker jacket, mainly because of the lining and the chest pockets. But it still has the shape of a snowboard jacket. Of course you can wear it on freezy casual days as well as for your winter holidays.

$270 from Karmaloop

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  • MailleNdz

    Looks absolutely fantastic, hopes the quality is good but I guess Levi's is trustworthy.

    Nice look, and surprinsingly cheap for such a product, in my opinion :)