66°30 face cleaner

Here is a cleaner I’ve been testing for few weeks. It is a face cleaner from the French cosmetics brand 66°30. A brand specialised in allergen-free organic skincare products. This product here is 99.4% made of natural ingredients among which 31.9% from organic farming. So, the care is made of aloe vera (soothes, moisturizes), willow extract (purify, tones up) and raspberry vegetal water (revitalizes).


The tube has a very compact and cylindrical shape and works with a push button. Push and it foams: a soft and light foam just like when you take a bath. That’s really pleasing at the first times but I was a bit disappointed about such a lightness (I would have liked a thicker texture). In any case, it’s ideal for sensitive skins! Use it every morning and evening to get rid of the impurities your skin got all day long!

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