2013 US moustache and beard championship

Selected le 8 October 2013 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

At the beginning of September, a great event happened: the beard and moustache 2013 national US championship. New Orleans, South-East of the country, saw many men with heavy facial hair parade for this contest. A precision, all participants could enter the game in different categories, the moustaches and the beards being split up into two families. The “natural” category does not allow the use of any gel or wax, apart from that, may other styles could participate: the Dali, the English, the Imperial, the Hungarian, the Fu Manchu Goatee, the Musketeer, the Garibaldi beard, the Verdi, etc. To top it all, in the “freestyle” category, no holds barred… Of course following certain (quite stricts) rules: judges have to decide which one of the competitors has a facial hair enhancing the best his general appearance, style and personality. The main criteria are originality and creativity.


The World’s championships will take place in Germany, at Leinfelden-Echterdingen, near Stuttgart, on the 2nd of November 2013! If you want to enter the competition, or even attend them, please visit the insciption page. For those who shaved after waking up this morning, sorry guys but you’ve missed your chance for this time. Unless your facial hear grows very quickly, the only thing to do is preparing for the next championship in two years (the place hasn’t been announced yet).












This is an American photographer called Greg Anderson who wished to take pictures of all these facial sculptures for a personal project. And you can find all of his work in the Facebook Page.

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