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Stripy v-neck Henleys jumper

le Friday 27 April 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

As I said in my recent article on trends for spring-summer 2007, you’ll see more stripes in the shops and out in the wild in the coming weeks – Wow a zebra! -Where? So if you’ve put a hole in your favourite jumper this winter when you fell flat on your face when out skating,… Read more

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Gucci Knot Ring

le Thursday 26 April 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

If you love silver rings like I do, you’re bound to like this solid ring from Gucci. However, it’s a shame they don’t have a picture of anyone wearing it, it would have been easier to judge the scale of it before putting it on your birthday list ;-)

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Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

le Tuesday 24 April 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

Is it time to take your Ray Ban Aviators out for a ride again? This iconic style was designed in 1936 for the American army’s pilots and immortalised on the silver screen by the young, good looking and arrogant Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Aviators really are top-drawer stuff. The frames are available in gold… Read more

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Nudie Jeans Sven

le Friday 13 April 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

Nudie Jeans is a Swedish brand whose trademark is simple, pure and elegant lines. Like, for example, these versatile raw denim straight-cut jeans which can be dressed up or down. Check their website to find your nearest stockist. Or shop from the comfort of your own home on Zoovillage…

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Swear Dean shoes

le Wednesday 11 April 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

Swear is a London-based brand offering a range of shoes halfway between sneakers and classic shoes snce 2001. Those Dean below are both comfortable and stylish thanks to their rubber soles and pointed and detailed toe. Apparently, their style is mostly inspired by rock… but actually the model is named after James Dean and dedicated… Read more

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John S. Brana Rings

le Friday 06 April 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

What rings ! Here are 2 handsome silver styles from the American jeweller John S. Brana. And in the same (raw) spirit there also make chains and cufflinks. From John S. Brana

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Rocky III Clubber Lang T-shirt

le Wednesday 04 April 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

How bloody retro am I at the moment? If I had a little less self control I would skive off work to lounge on the sofa and watch good old Rocky. If only to see the fabulous Mister T.! What a look ! No one has managed to top the king of bling… And as… Read more

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Adidas Superstar 80′s trainers

le Monday 02 April 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

It is a record! I have not mentioned Adidas trainers for more than six months! So now I thought it was the occasion of showing you some new-season trainers that will never go out of fashion: some Adidas Superstar. This iconic model from Adidas was firstly released in 1969. Then it became popular with basketbal… Read more

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