1948 Nike shop in London

Shops le 1 August 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

French Truckers hit the road to bring you the latest shop reopened by Nike in London. They refurbished it specifically for the approaching Olympics Games next year in the English capital. Now the shop is entirely dedicated to the most exclusive Nike footwear and apparel on the market such as the Destroyer varsity from NSW (which I immediately fell in love with) or the Air Force one denim edition, but the store will also be used as a community space for screenings, events and installations. I invite you to come over and discover some great Nike items you can only find in this shop. It is basically made for you to enjoy the next London Olympics Games in 2012, as the former 1948’s London Olympics were organized to bring people a moment of peace and entertainment after the WWII.

Nike 1948
Arches 477/478
Batemans Row
United Kingdom

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