10 tips to kiss a girl you already know

Here we are. Dates, diner are all very well, but a time finally comes when you have to kiss. Unfortunately guys, this has to be your own initiative. A girl who grabs your neck and kisses you savagely does not make you virile, comforting and self-confident. So how to do it? That’s a good question. Something has to be clear first, here we consider a situation where you exchanged more that few words and dancing steps with a girl. You know each other and most certainly you like each other but the Great Moment just doesn’t happen. Too shy, bag timing, boring friend… many reasons. Here are few tricks that may help you taking the plunge, dreaming of new horizons, you know what I mean.


The cheek-to-cheek trick

Chances of succes: 80%
Honestly the easiest. End of a date, let’s kiss on the cheeks and doing it again and again until one of you “takes the leap” and turn his head few degrees to finally give some deep kiss. No need to “play” the snog of the century once the kiss started. This trick surely is the less “impressive” for a girl, maybe the most intrusive so contain your enthusiasm and bet on gentleness and tenderness.

Watching a movie

Chances of succes: 70%
Can’t find a more classic trick. A good Blu-ray (or DVD for the oldests), better choosing a romantic comedy, or some soft horror movies. Most of all, low the room’s luminous intensity. This doesn’t mean complete darkness, but leave a lamp switched on near the couch. If you really want to send a deeper message, light some candles on your coffee table. Cliché, but at least your intentions will be clear. Wait the first third of the movie before trying any approach.

The “tease each other” trick

Chances of succes: 65%
Pinches, teasing, etc… are like “back to nursery school” but it may work. Just avoid lifting the skirt of your curly hair target like you once did in the schoolyard. Keep it in mind, such a technique creates a first physical contact. It may also repel some girls who don’t like being touched, even lightly, before any first kiss… Play the clever guy and try to know if you can follow this way.

To make your mates laugh


Chances of success : 50%
To be tried in a international context of course. The “You-know-French-kiss” must be one of the world’s most known sentence after “What is your name?” and “Where are you from?” which you can use to introduce THE magic sentence. Two requirements you shall not forget regarding this method, you have to pronounce it with an emphasized French accent – ask your exchange friends – and show your nicest hawker smile. At the risk of playing the “cliché” card, embody the role totally.

The smoking area

Chances of success: 50%
You never smoked even once in your life, the anti-smoking stickers your mother was glueing on your diary during your junior high school years did work well. But in this precise case, the girl you lust after is alone in the kitchen, and she looks through the window thoughtfully. A friend, the one with with horns and a devil’s tail, offers you a fag. This move means “change is now big boy!”. Pluck up your courage and enter the aquarium of smoke you would leave alone, or as a winner. Well, at least bum puffing does not make you a real smoker.
N.B: smoking kills.

Exchange clothes

Chances of success: 30%
This starts innocently with the glasses, one thing leading to another and here you are, wearing a skirt and a tank top in this pretty girl’s room. Bad luck, your mates turn up and draw their phones capturing you dressed up as a women. There is a good side, this lovely brunette laughed (and you know how encouraging it is). She thinks you must have guts to go all the way with this joke and gives you an unexpected kiss. The skirt suits you well, finally.


The countdown

Chances of success : 35%
Driving your target back home. Tension is at its height, you could cut it with a knife. Your inner Ryan Gosling shows nothing of his feelings. The traffic light has just turned red, you stop, eyes staring at the horizon, the sunset burning them and you say: “we’ve got 15 seconds to kiss before the light turns green”. You just turn towards her in confidence, a sharp look and you try this move she would only succumb to.

Touching her ass

Chances of success : 30%
For such a method you may already know the girl in question. It is obvious that you could never try this in the underground (who would do that? seriously?). So, let’s imagine you both pinched, teased, rubbed along, you laughed a lot but arrives the moment when you have to leave and take your coat. Here is a risky variation of our “cheek-to-cheek” trick. So, once at the doorstep you put your hand on her butt, a manly excess one would say. Double or nothing, either she punches you righ in the face, which you deserved, or she finds in the the Alpha male she’s been wainting for a long time and she gives you a passionate kiss.

“eyelash on the cheek”

Chances of success : 10%
It’s a drag. I think I’ve seen nobody using it since the first diffusion of lame sitcoms during the 90’s, thanks TV. A that time, guys never feared nothing, that’s what made their strenght. This will certainly work with nostalgic for their teenage years girls. At least you know what to offer for her birthday: a customized sitcom mousepad.

Special Winter Bonus

Warming her up

Chances of success : 35%
Girls are often cold, so don’t hesitate, once the first breezes came, invite your desired girl to warm her hands putting them in your fur-lined pockets. Half of the job will be done. But careful, the young women may really be cold and did not expect anything more. A hint: she keeps her head down, bad sign. If at times she looks at you, maybe you could try a move. 100% of the winners tried their luck, as people say in the bar just outside my front door.

Good luck gentlemen

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