10 Spanish fashion blogs you should know

Themes le 10 June 2013 par Damien

It has been a long time we’ve been wanting to do this: presenting on a regular basis the international blogs we like to follow. We reviewed our favourite French men’s fashion blogs few weeks ago, let’s fly to Spain with a selection of our daily readings.

Kate Loves Me


Pelayo Diaz Zapico is a 24 years old fashion blogger and a student at one of the best world’s fashion schools, Central Saint Martins. From Paris to Milan, London to Barcelona, we discover his singular life, while he keeps on working with big names such as Rihanna, Vogue, L’Officiel Hommes, GQ… He has a very unique style with very quirky looks, which we like!


Tener Clase

Tener Clase

Since 2008, Lucas Garcia speaks about fashion and lifestyle for men. He regularly updates his blog with selection of new products, trend analysis and sports, health advices. Everything there, is always tastefully chosen and suits the blog uncluttered design.


Trendencias Hombre

Trendencias Hombre

Style, trends, sport, food, “Trendencias Hombre” is writen every day by a team of 12 people! We especially like their advices and the tone of their articles. Most of all, the blog has weekly columns: “Man with style: the best looks of the week”, “Not only fashion” and many healh advices we like to read on a regular basis.


Cup of Couple

Cup of couple

Cup Of Couple is written by Mike Madrid & Gabriel García. Both guys present very clean looks and they do a lot of tasteful streetstyles. One of the most influent blog in Spain with many prestigious collaborations. Reading them we can feel all their creativity and love. Essential.


Oliete World Blog


Nacho Aznar Oliete is a 22 years old blogger who lives in Madrid and studies journalism. He is passionate about fashion and everything around it (men & women fashion). He shares his looks, his travels, his inspirations and his favorite items.


My Daily Style

My Daily Style

My Daily Style celebrated this week a two years birthday. Mireia, the writer, comes from Barcelona. She likes to present her weekly findings, her inspirations and many of her shootings. In general, we like her style, sophisticated though affordable. A great read!


Collage Vintage

College Vintage

Sara is a fashion blogger from Madrid. Welcome to her personal world, from one colorful place to very urban surroundings. We like the way she dresses, simple, with her own twist, and she likes to collect pictures from her favourites female fashion icons, we respect that!


Lovely Pepa

Lovely Pepa

Lovely Pepa gets you entering the life of Alexandra. It is kind of a diary where she shares here activities, beauty advices and many looks. We thought she was very classic at the beginning, but as the published outfits, you’ll realise she always bring something different.




Amlul is a blog writen by Gala Gonzalez where she shares her travels around the world through shootings. Most of all we like her pictures, always tinged with her personal touch. She also has a “manlul” dedicated section where she presents every week a man of her choice. The whole blog is a source of inspiration for men and women.


Fashion Vibe

Fashion Vibe

On Fashionvibe, Zina, a girl from Barcelona, shares her daily outfits. She has a refined style and dares matchinch a Chanel bag with an H&M outfit. There is nothing more, nothing less than photos took over Europe and pure style. We just like that!


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