10 German blogs you should know

After France, Spain and Italy, let’s follow up the trip of our favorite fashion blogs around Europe. This week, as the Berlin fashion week just ended, we felt like stopping in the country of poets and thinkers : Germany. Actually, there are many fashion enthusiasts, lifestyle sharers and every other type of bloggers in this beautiful contry, but this series involves a top 10 limitation as we would have like to mention many other of these nice readings. Anyway, here are our favorite fashion blogs in Germany:

Dandy Diary

Dandy Diary

Dandy Diary is written by David Kurt Karl Roth and Carl Jakob Haupt. Both were born in 1984, they respectively graduated in fashion journalism and political sciences. They present fashion trends, report runways and crazy parties they organize themselves, do some streetstyle and add few interesting news.




In 2011, Devid M. Gualandris and Thibaud Guyonnet opened Starecasers, a place where they can share their everyday life, daily outfits and shows reports through photography. Both of them live in Berlin bu they’re also great travellers, which we can see in their dedicated category.




Picking product they like, prodiving advices about how to dress for such or such event, talking about their favourite collections, Fashionboxx could be considered as our German equivalent. Since 2011, their moto is to help men to dress better, to inform them how to spend their money better and Go Green. Definitely one of our favourites.



Mau Fashion

Maurizio’s blog openend in 2009. There he mixes some of his inspirations (from fashion shows pictures to his favourite artists) and his looks. He looks addicted to accessories and can wear simple outfits as the quirkiest ones. Most of all, Mau-Fashion is about cool and easy lifestyle, essential!




Two fashion addicts from Munich (with love) share their passion, and in some way their vision of a modern man. They consider themselves as mainstream mixed with some freshly new designers and add style advices. Finally, their blog is a concentrated of cool items selections, beauty and fashion advices with news and other interesting stuff in relation with all surrounding fashion. The most important, snce 2010, they have kept a very close relationships to their readers.




Bekleidet is written by Jana since 2009. She likes fashion, photography and shopping but she has found a new interest in social media and marketing lately. She currently studies communication at the University of Münster and share her daily outfits and lifestyle pictures.


Berlin Street Style

Berlin Street Style

Berlin Street Style is written by Katja Riley, a freelance photographer from Berlin. She studied Business and ran an online modeling agency while she was formerly living in California. As she loves streetstyle photography, she created her blog in 2010 where she portrays people from Berlin and likes to show people’s personnality through what they wear. A great way to combine her three passions : photography, fashion and Berlin.


The Mandarine Girl

the mandarine girl

In 2011, Daisy has decided to launch her personal blog she would call the Mandarine Girl. Such a name his a true picture of her personality: “Sometimes bitter but always sweet….”. There she shares her personal outfits and looks ideas, some lifestyle and her inspirations. Plus, she is pretty!


Masha Sedgwick

Masha Sedgwick

Masha is a 23 year-old girl living in Cologne. Most of all, she is passionate about writing! On her blog she likes to share her daily feelings, lifestyle events and some daily outfits. Those latter are quite unsual compared to regular fashion blogs actually, she likes to mix grunge with goth style but still focuses on last fashion trends. That makes her real difference!


Still in Berlin

still in berlin

An essential guide of fashion, music, arts, food, cool places, cool interviews, all illustrated by great pictures. Still in Berlin is written by Mary Scherpe since 2006n and there is no more to say about her blog except : essential reading!


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