10 French men’s fashion blogs you should know

Themes le 5 December 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Comme un Camion

Since 2004, Comme un Camion is a collective blog approaching different topics: fashion, beauty, form, seduction. In a colloquial way 3 guys dissect items in tests, guides, advices, trend analysis and good deals on a daily basis. Going there is often the occasion to discover new brands. They also have a shopping guide with a list of the best shops in France (online and offline). Finally, their forum is a perfect place to find advices where meets 15 to 45 years old guys.


Les frères Ainsworth

Jordan and Yannis, two brothers propose their vision of fashion with streetlooks, protraits, artistic works and photos… We like their world, fresh, tinged with innocence and quirky things.


Les frères Jo

Two brothers giving their point of view, interpretation of mens’ fashion (actual or past trends). Basically, there can be found many streetlooks featuring themselves aside of a selection of their favourite items. What’s remarkable on the blog is a certain notion of style, most of the time preppy revisited in their own way.



Since 2006, Guillotine (glltn) broaches clothing, sneakers, and everything about street culture: new collections, art, book releases can be found there on a daily basis.



Le Magazine Elegant” (the elegant magazine) – as they like to call themselves – was created in 2004. It is dedicated to elegance and talks about what could “materially” interest the sophisticated man. Always subtly, with a hint of irony they unveil trends talking about style, travels, design, cosmetics and music.



Modissimo was created in 2007 with a precise purpose: to help men dressing elegantly without headache through advices, trend analysis, guides and inspirations. The blog offers fashion and lifestyle daily news mixed with leading articles (interviews, icons analysis and elegance rules). “Outspokenness, fickleness and a tip of French Flair”.


Parisian Gentleman

Quintessence of style, refined items and luxury. Created in 2009, Parisian Gentleman has become a reference for any dandy, sartorial lovers. The blog analyzes scrupulously traditional great houses’ creations : bespoke suits, shirts and great accessories along with historical articles and news. They also provide great style advices decyphering codes of the “good-dress art”.



“For clothing lovers… among other things.” In a particular atmosphere, Redingote talks about men’s style carrying a certain art de vivre through clothing, music, food and culture. Their publications mix advices, discoveries and histories always tinged with French authenticity.


Les Rhabilleurs

In watchmaking the French word “Rhabilleur” indicates a person creating, cleaning, adjusting and fixing clocks’ mechanisms. Two men talking about the only jewel worthy of the name for us. The one without we would feel ourselves naked: the watch. News, shows, vintage, luxury, new brands, all the ingredients are there for watch amateurs.


La Superette

In 2012, four guys from all over France meet at a mini-market tradeshow. Since then, they follow a simple moto: the fine information in self-service. In their own particular way the “grocers” address topics linked to the “art of living”: clothing, home furniture, gadgets, music and press. On the shelves can be found a bunch of authentic histories, life advices and daily tips.