“Il fait beau” beauty parlour

This is the latest installment in my adventure “on the trail of Men’s beauty parlours”, with a trip to “Il fait beau” at 51 rue des Archives, in the Marais (they have another salon at 57 rue des Peupliers à Boulogne). It opened two years ago, and offers a modern, stylish setting for beauty treatments using [comfort zone] products. [comfort zone] is an Italian brand that specialises in spa treatments.


On the menu: facial and body treatments, relaxation, hand and foot care and hair removal! For the latter, “il fait beau” also offer light pulse hair removal. My first test (undertaken in a beauty parlour 2 years ago) left me unconvinced, but according to the beautician, who was also sceptical at first, it works! I might try it out again sometime…

institut il fait beau inside

In the mean time, I tried another facial (the last one was a month ago, and once a month is a good frequency). This facial was carried out using [comfort zone] products. There is a wide range with around a hundred products to suit all skin types (dry, sensitive, mixed, oily etc). If you’re not sure about your skin type: a facial will always start with a test to determine which type it is! This allows the beautician to choose the right products, which will also help you choose your own.

At “il fait beau” there are several treatment rooms, which are all quite small (yes, like in most salons, they make the most of the space!). But that doesn’t really make a difference: you spend most of the hour with your eyes shut. And we’re off: cleanse, tone, and moisturise… And you leave feeling fresh as a daisy, with a new face! Once again: I feel good! :)

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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